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Paving the way for green hydrogen and the transition to clean energy

At its base in Kassel, Northern Hessen, Norwegian firm Hexagon Purus is developing and manufacturing hydrogen high-pressure systems that are used to sustainably power buses and trains in the state and around the world. The expertise available at this location has convinced this global player to invest in expanding its operations there and to establish a technology center complete with campus.

Our German headquarters in Kassel is the nucleus of our hydrogen high-pressure systems business: we have been developing the technology for this here for almost 20 years.

Dr. Michael Kleschinski Hexagon Purus Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Kassel

Hessen is a leading German pioneer in the use of innovative sustainable fuel cell technologies. And some of the high-tech products assembled in the state are also developed here – such as systems used to compress, transport, and store hydrogen. These specialty products are produced by Norwegian firm Hexagon Purus in Kassel, as well as in other locations in Germany and around the world.

“You could say that our German headquarters in Kassel is the nucleus of our hydrogen high-pressure systems business: we have been developing the technology for this here for almost 20 years. Such expertise is extremely important to us as a global player specializing in zero-emissions solutions for the mobility sector. We have a strong and exceptionally well-skilled team in Kassel,” said Dr. Michael Kleschinski, Hexagon Purus Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the site.

150 new jobs are being created

Kleschinski studied at, and was then employed by, the Technical University in Darmstadt in the south of Hessen, before moving to the north of the state. Here he was closely involved in the technical development of many products that Hexagon Purus now distributes worldwide. “Given our specialization, our Kassel site is not just responsible for manufacturing but also for R&D. That’s why we recently invested in a major expansion, including a new Technology Center. We have built a new production facility and a campus that we will use to design prototypes and progress new developments on a site that measures nearly 40,000 square meters. We are also creating new jobs as a result: we will be recruiting another 150 new colleagues to join our 300 or so strong Hexagon Group team in Kassel,” he added.

This move puts Hexagon Purus in an excellent position to meet the growing need for zero-emissions mobility solutions. The Norwegian company’s wide range of high-pressure cylinders, hydrogen storage systems, transportation modules, and batteries for electric vehicles are used in numerous applications around the world: from small, lightweight systems for automobiles through larger and more complex solutions for trucks, buses, and trains down to large-scale systems for ships, planes, and even spacecraft.

Partnership with green hydrogen specialists

The company is helping to boost acceptance of the advantages offered by this technology in its capacity as a member of Hessen’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative. “Hydrogen is an excellent source of energy, since it can be used for large-scale storage and transportation. It can help countries to become independent of fossil fuels – an even more crucial factor given today’s global political situation. And sustainably produced hydrogen is the optimum way of combating climate change,” underscored Kleschinski. Hexagon Purus will be taking sustainability into account during the manufacturing process at its North Hessen site by focusing on climate-friendly solutions for its expansion: a large photovoltaic plant will be installed on the new buildings and large areas of the roofs will be planted over.

We are paving the way for the transition to clean energy.

Dr. Michael KleschinskiHexagon Purus Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Kassel

However, the company’s biggest contribution to sustainability comes from its products. One example of this is the long-term strategic partnership that Hexagon Purus recently entered into with Lhyfe. The French start-up specializes in producing green and net-zero hydrogen, which can be transported throughout Europe in future using high-pressure cylinders made in Kassel. “This means we are paving the way for the transition to clean energy. As an engineer, I find this extremely exciting and satisfying. And as a father of two, I can see that I’m doing something to help future generations. That motivates us here in Kassel enormously every day,” said Kleschinski.

About Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus is helping to make zero-emissions mobility, and hence the future world of clean energy, a reality. The company is a leading global supplier of type 4 high-pressure cylinders for hydrogen storage, of battery systems, and of vehicle integration solutions for fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. Headquartered in Ålesund, Norway, it manufactures products that are used in a wide range of areas, including lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight vehicles, buses, ground storage facilities, distribution systems, refueling, shipping, rail transportation, and aerospace applications.