High-level discussions on the future development of Lotus in Hessen

Mr. Qingfeng Feng, the CEO of Lotus Group, met leading representatives of HTAI to exchange on the perspectives of the innovation center in Raunheim.

© Lotus Tech Innovation Centre

The Lotus Tech Innovation Centre (LTIC) in Raunheim, Germany, is the R&D and innovation hub for the Lotus Group. Over 200 engineers from different nationalities work on innovative drive concepts and environmentally friendly mobility at LTIC. In recent months, LTIC has launched groundbreaking inventions in the field of mobility. More than 20 patents for internationally relevant technologies in the automotive industry have already been developed here.

In order to get an impression of LTIC and its employees in Raunheim, CEO of Lotus Group, Mr. Qingfeng Feng, visited the centrer in early October as part of a multiday visit.

On October 6, Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt, Managing Director of HTAI, and Dr. Carsten Ott, Head of Technology & Innovation, met Mr. Feng and his delegation in Wiesbaden. The discussion focused on the future development of the location in Hessen.

HTAI has been in contact with Lotus’ development engineers since October 2021. The joint discussions between the HTAI experts from the technology sector and the Lotus team focused on research and development topics such as

  • the preparation of emission-oriented product development,
  • the integration of sustainable product improvement in the context of a circular econom,
  • the use of new, more sustainable materials and processes,
  • the supporting of integrative lightweight construction.

HTAI and Lotus are going to continue their intensive discussions in the future. A further exchange regarding support and networking opportunities is planned as a next step.