Hessen recognizes local companies as leaders in innovation and job creation

Three Hessen-based businesses demonstrate the region’s commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices, contributing significantly to local economic growth.

© Salome Roessler

At the recent 31st Hessian Entrepreneurs Day in Wiesbaden, the Hessen government and the Association of Hessian Business Associations (VhU) recognized three small businesses as ‘Hessen Champions’ – highlighting their contributions to innovation and the state’s economy.

Microbox, from Bad Nauheim, was named Hessen Champion in the “World Market Leader” category. Specializing in camera systems for large-format archiving, the small company of 50 people serves prestigious clients such as the British National Library and the U.S. Library of Congress. Founded in 1958, Microbox illustrates resilience and innovative strength, embracing the new to preserve the old.

Limtronik, based in Limburg, was named Hessen Champion in the “Job Engine” category. The company operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for electronic components that is a showcase of Hessen’s capabilities in Industry 4.0. Limtronik expanded to the U.S. in 2012 and has grown to employ 160 people, demonstrating its role as a job creator.

Darmstadt’s Etalytics was named Hessen Champion in the “Innovation” category. Founded by two scientists from Darmstadt University, the startup received accolades for its energy-saving software – an innovative approach that helps companies consolidate and analyze data about their energy consumption. Etalytics, which now employs about 30 people, is a prime example of the many companies in Hessen leveraging technology to support environmentally conscious business practices.

This year’s Hessen Champions reflect the dynamic business environment in our state. They underscore our strengths in technology and innovation, commitment to sustainable development, and impact on the global market.