Economic relations between Hessen and the Netherlands

Recently, Hessen Agentur has published a detailed study on the economic relations between Hessen and the Netherlands.


Hessen has bustling trade relations with the Netherlands; in fact, it is one of Hessen’s ten most important trading partners. The neighbouring country is Hessen’s sixth most important trading partner – and Germany’s second most important trading partner – in terms of the aggregate value of the exported and imported goods. In turn, Germany is by far the most important trading partner of the Netherlands.

The sectoral division of the Dutch economy is reflected in the country’s range of exports. There is a clear focus on various product groups, in particular, petroleum, petroleum products and related materials, electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. Regarding exports to Germany, additionly, fruits and vegetables have to be considered. The most important commodities exported from Hessen to the Netherlands are, in 2020, precision engineering and optical goods, Significant shares of such commodities consist of optical and photographic devices, as well as medical devices and measuring, controlling and regulating equipment. Electrical products and chemicals are also very important product groups.

In addition, in the study latest trends in the fields of urban development, housing and architecture in the Netherlands are illustrated. Outstanding projects are the new Market hall in Rotterdam, as well as Rotterdam Central Station and Den Haag Centraal Station. These examples shed light on the potential of relations between Hessen and the Netherlands in this area.

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