Alternative Fuels: Innovative projects at Industriepark-Hoechst

The current geopolitical situation is once again unfolding the importance of a secure and sustainable supply of energy. Industriepark-Hoechst is increasingly developing into a major technology hub in this field.

Hessen is a vital transportation and logistics location with the Frankfurt Airport playing a significant role in international aviation. This is an ambiguous position: a locational advantage contributing to the prosperity in the region and a source massive carbon emission.

The Hessian government has announced to become climate-neutral by 2050. With the objective to promote this goal, the Centre of Competence for Climate, Environment and Noise Protection in Aviation (CENA) was founded. This Competence Centre is run by HTAI and is focusing on supporting the development of synthetic fuels production using renewable energies.

Two innovative projects are located at Industriepark-Hoechst in close proximity to the Frankfurt Airport:

INERATEC, is planning to set up a Power-to-Liquid (PtL) pioneer plant on site in 2022.

Up to 3,500 tons or 4.6 million liters of INERATEC e-Fuels can be produced annually from up to 10,000 tons of biogenic CO2 and renewable electricity. The pioneer plant will be the largest one yet and will serve as an enabler for further worldwide power-to-liquid projects of INERATEC.

CAPHENIA is developing an innovative power-and-biogas-to-liquid (PBtL) process to produce fuels and basic chemicals from renewable feedstocks.

Industriepark-Hoechst´s infrastructure offers ideal conditions to develop and to implement sustainable transport solutions. Already in 2006, one of the first German hydrogen refueling stations has been installed. By the end of 2022, the world´s largest Hydrogen train fleet will be operating in the state of Hessen – refueled in Frankfurt-Hoechst.

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