It’s Official: We Are a Fair European Metropolitan Region

TransFair (Fairtrade Germany) has named the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region as a “fair European metropolitan region” this year. Learn more about the future-oriented initiative.

© Tobias Thiele / TransFair e.V.

This makes it the third fair German metropolitan region in addition to Nuremberg and the Ruhr region, and the first Fairtrade region to include not only a core area in Hessen but also districts located in neighboring states (the Rhineland-Palatine and Bavaria). To be eligible for the accolade, businesses and catering establishments must offer Fairtrade products, and public institutions such as schools, associations and churches must provide information about fair trade. In addition, people involved in the initiative should report on what they do.

“It's wonderful – and also more important than ever – that not just individual cities but also entire regions are signing up to the Fairtrade movement now, and that supporters are joining forces across city and municipality borders”, said Dieter Overath, TransFair’s Chairman, adding: “We cannot afford to neglect challenges such as climate change and social injustice despite the ongoing pandemic”. A total of 60 Fairtrade towns and eight Fairtrade rural districts are promoting fair trade in the metropolitan region and showing how important global responsibility is.