Feels like Fashion

OK, Fashion Week is coming to Frankfurt. What at first glance might not really fit – the business, fair and trading city Frankfurt has many attributes, just not this. But what becomes clear on closer inspection is that fashion in Frankfurt has created interesting products and personalities. The glamour may be more subdued, the extravagance more reserved. But the quality is very much to the fore. Because fashion in Frankfurt is anchored in what the city can do best: in trade and real makers. A tour like a runway through the Frankfurt fashion scene.

© Frankfurt Fashion Week

Vatsala Murthy – Indian Goods Company

In 2006 she came to Frankfurt by accident. In 2016 she founded the Indian Goods Co. By 2020 Vatsala Murthy was part of a new generation of fashion creatives in the Rhine-Main region. Frankfurt Fashion Week will make that even more visible, she hopes – we meet her during a shoot.

Olivia Dahlem – Coco Lores

Olivia Dahlem is the owner of the fashion label Cocolores Fashion and dresses taller women (she is at least 5’ 8 herself) for serious Frankfurt business. And Olivia Dahlem herself has a healthily unserious style. The name Coco Lores (Coco Chanel and Nonsense) alone underlines the aura of levity – because where laughing is concerned, she’s highly infectious.

Osama Hajjaj – Die Modebotschaft

We meet Osama Hajjaj from Die Modebotschaft in the gigantic Häuser der Mode building in Eschborn, the quasi-Irish equivalent of Frankfurt. The retailer moved here from the Heyne Fabrik building in Offenbach. Not far from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, on about 40,000 square metres, orders are being sent out for the summer and autumn collections. Orders are just leaving for the beginning of 2021. Coronavirus? “I’ve had a quiet summer for the first time,” jokes Osama, who actually had to send out numerous orders for the cold season. But he takes a relaxed view of the calm. The move of Fashion Week to Frankfurt fills him with confidence.

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