“The connectivity is great on every level” - A Hessen-Irish Success Story

We spoke to Dr Keith Young from ATC, a Data Centre and Logistics Company. ATC has 40 years of experience in computer transport, logistics, data center migration and working with international technology companies. Established in Dublin in 1979, ATC now works with technology companies and cloud service providers from bases in Dublin, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Keith told us why ATC would choose Hessen again as a business location and he also shared some useful advice for foreign investors who want to establish a business here.

Dear Keith,

First of all: Why did you choose Frankfurt?

In 2015 one of our largest clients, who had already established operations in the region, asked us to replicate our services from Ireland to Germany. Our decision to move to Frankfurt was therefore mostly led by its status as leading location for connectivity and data centres in Europe.

What was your experience when you settled in Frankfurt?

We were able to start work immediately, that was a nice surprise. Yes, it took a little while to get all the paperwork in order, but we were able to hire people and buy vehicles immediately. I think that came from Frankfurt being a very international city and being familiar with people and companies starting out there.

That sounds great. Do you have a tip for investors who want to establish their business in Hessen?

As a first step, you need a location. Here Hessen Trade & Invest and its partners in the network are a perfect entry point. After having decided on your new location, you should find a local business consultant who can help you establish your business and connect you with the relevant authorities. Some aspects of the legal system, or the organisation of official bodies may be unusual for those from outside continental Europe, so a local partner will help make that process smooth. This is the best advice I could give to other investors.

Can you give us an overview of the latest developments at your subsidiary in Frankfurt? What will be the next steps?

We have grown our team to 7 people and expect to add more this year, we’ve also added new premises with an office and warehouse at the airport. Our plan for the year ahead is to develop new local business with other data centre operations. We are also using the location to re-orient our network in Europe with Frankfurt being a centre point.

Would you choose Frankfurt again as a business location?

Yes, we would. The connectivity is great on every level: for our clients firstly, then to the road network and the rest of Europe, by air back to Dublin and across the world, and for our people it’s a great location to live and work.

Can you describe Hessen in 3 words?

Comfortable. Reliable. Connected.

Last, but not least: What is your favourite place in Hessen?

So far it has been exploring the Roman Limes, but there is a lot more to see.

Thank you very much for these interesting insights, Keith. We wish you and the entire ATC team many more successful projects in Hessen to follow.

Dr Keith Young is Commercial Director at ATC, a Data Centre and Logistics Company. ATC works with global leaders in cloud computing, helping them optimise their cloud supply chains for efficiency, reliability and security. ATC has almost 50 employees between Dublin and Frankfurt with a turnover approaching €10 million. Keith has a PhD in mobile learning and is interested in how technology can transform education and personalise the learning experience for people in the workforce.