Where ideas and innovations are born

“Innovation is one of the key factors for the success of modern economies, and it originates from the innovativeness of the individual companies. We are proud that Hessen is one of the most important high-tech regions in Europe, but we want to strengthen this position even further,” says Tarek Al-Wazir, Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

Hessen is indeed an excellent spot for innovative ideas: According to an analysis by analytical service Startupdetector, this state leads the nation in terms of both the number of startups and the number of new businesses launched in relation to the population. The German Federal Statistical Office also counted 7.6 new businesses formed for every 1,000 people in Hessen in 2018, against a national average of 6.5.

But ideas and innovations aren’t just born in Hessen – they are also nurtured here. The state’s many startups benefit from about 40 technology and startup centers and from 45 cluster and network initiatives with nearly 3,800 members. An overview of the diverse startup landscape, including accelerators, co-working spaces, consulting and advising services, and sources of funding is also available here: https://www.invest-in-hessen.com/mm/mm001/083-19_Hessen_Trade_-_Invest_GmbH_Broschre_Start-Up_Ecosystem_Hessen_Englisch_WEB.pdf.

Frankfurt, a hub of finance, has a particularly high concentration of fintech businesses, with one out of every eight startups here working in finance. Other important sectors include artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, and cybersecurity. In all, there are 300 to 400 startups in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Innovation is a major focus some 30 kilometers south of Frankfurt, too: Darmstadt was named Germany’s most forward-looking city in the 2019 city rankings published by the German Economic Institute (IW). “This city in the south of Hessen is home to a large number of successful and highly innovative firms,” says Hanno Kempermann of IW Consult.

But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself and draw inspiration from Hessen’s innovative drive as you benefit from the many options on offer.