Top investments in Hessen in 2018

What does the British educational association King’s Group have in common with the Silicon Valley Bank from the US and the Bank of Taiwan? All three companies are impressed with the economic hub of Hessen and decided to set up operations here in the past year.


Silicon Valley Bank was the first, opening its office in May. The company employs over 2,000 employees worldwide and its portfolio includes international clients such as HelloFresh, Lilium, Babbel and Pinterest. From its office in Frankfurt, the SVB Germany Branch is now consulting and financing European companies and start-ups from the technology, life sciences and risk capital sectors.

Shortly thereafter, the Bank of Taiwan also established an office in Hessen. Opening its doors in Frankfurt last June, the representative office of Taiwan’s largest bank will be expanded into a full-fledged branch in a second step. This decision was the outcome of the bank’s response to the United Kingdom’s impending exit from the European Union. In the wake of Brexit, it will likely become more difficult for international financial service providers to conduct business in continental Europe from a base in London. Frankfurt is an excellent alternative for these companies to provide services for their customers in the future EU.

The fact that Hessen is also attractive for industries beyond the area of finance was also proven by the King’s Group’s decision to establish a German branch in Friedrichsdorf. Starting this year, King’s College Frankfurt has been offering children and young people in Hessen the possibility to receive a well-grounded and broad British education at King’s Group. With its British curriculum, this educational organization is enriching the superb offering of international schools in the region from which new citizens as well as the well-established international business community will certainly benefit. Additional information about international schools can be found here:

These are only three of over 100 companies that set up shop in our state in 2018, proving that the economic region of Hessen is relevant both internationally and across Europe.