Hessen – In the heart of Europe

©Christof Mattes Fotodesign / HTAI

Situated right in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt offers optimum infrastructural possibilities: the networking of planes, trains and automobiles provides nearly perfect conditions. Frankfurt Airport, in particular, stands out as an international hub and an economic driver.

With 61 million passengers and 2.2 million tons of air freight per year as well as 4,580 direct flights per week, Frankfurt Airport is not only Germany’s largest and most successful airport, it is also among the TOP airports globally. It hosts 96 airlines which fly to 299 destinations in 97 countries. Additionally, the airport employs around 120,000 people and, as such, it is the largest employer and economic driver throughout Hessen.Additionally,Frankfurt Airport is located directly on the Frankfurt interchange, one of the most-traveled highway junctions in Europe. The airport’s very own train station for freight supplements completes its significance as a logistics hub.

Further information about the international hub - Frankfurt Airport - and additional reasons why Hessen is the right destination for you can be found at www.invest-in-hessen.de/mitten-in-europa.